Secure Freedom Minute: Welcome to the Revolution

Secure Freedom Minute

President Biden’s new, multi-trillion dollar infrastructure initiative proves a shocking reality: We’re in the midst of a Marxist takeover of America.

Through what’s billed as a visionary upgrade of the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, the Biden-Harris team seeks to impose its radical climate change agenda, a fundamental transformation of our energy sector and the effective institution of government-directed, centrally planned economics.

As Saul Alinsky prescribed, Washington’s Marxists are simultaneously working to dismantle other fundamentals of our constitutional Republic, as well – from precluding future free and fair elections, to denying freedom of speech and religion to ending gun rights. And any who oppose such actions will be considered “domestic terrorists.” 

Did anyone give the Marxists a mandate to do all this? Of course not. But that is why they are moving so aggressively to lock it all in. Object now, while you still can.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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