Secure Freedom Minute: What Do Lights Out in China Mean for Us?


The Chinese Communist Party is risking internal turmoil by cutting back electricity supplied by coal-fired power-plants.

The impact has translated into widespread blackouts, disrupting industries’ and consumers’ use alike, and they may be allowed to persist for some time.

Former Pentagon official Chuck DeVore theorizes that the regime in Beijing is weaning itself from foreign sources of coal likely to be interrupted if China attacks Taiwan. Whatever the motivation, the question occurs: Might our lights go out next?

After all, if one accepts the proposition that the Wuhan virus was not an intentional biological warfare attack, the CCP deliberately inflicted the pandemic on the rest of the world. If it wants to share the pain of electrical disruption, it can certainly create blackouts here – including long-term ones – for example, by shutting down the 300 Chinese-manufactured transformers insanely placed in our grid.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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