Secure Freedom Minute: Now’s the Time to Save Our Sovereignty


Amidst the growing carnage wrought by Team Biden’s policy failures in Ukraine, Israel and the U.S. borders, scant attention has been paid to what may prove to be its most disastrous betrayal of the national interest of all. 

Largely hidden from public scrutiny and without a single vote approving such sedition, Obama-Biden 3.0 is beavering away at  “fundamentally transforming” America from a freedom-protecting constitutional Republic to an enslaved subset of a new, tyrannical “global governance” order.  

Thankfully, former President Donald Trump this week powerfully denounced the unlikely instrument for engineering this stealthy coup – a newly empowered, supranational World Health Organization. He promised, if re-elected, to undo Biden’s betrayal. 

Better yet, with Mr. Trump’s help let’s prevent it from happening in the first place by defunding and withdrawing from the WHO now. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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