Secure Freedom Minute: Obama-Biden 3.0’s War on Women


Here’s a dirty little secret: The third Obama-Biden administration is waging war on women. 

While its operatives are clearly weaponizing so-called “abortion rights” in the hope of attracting female voters, like the often- devastating effects on many women of voluntarily terminating their pregnancies, the net effect of the agenda being pursued by  Marxist Leftists and their standard-bearers is the antithesis of anything remotely “feminist.”

To cite but a few examples: Michele Obama and her fellow progressives are completely AWOL on the Sharia-supremacists’  gang rape, torture, genital mutilation, other dismembering and mass murder of Israeli women. They are championing so-called “transgender” men’s destruction of women’s sports and their safety and privacy in showers, locker rooms and dormitories. And they seduce and enable young girls to abandon their sex through chemical and physical mutations.

Far from empowering women, Obama-Biden 3.0 is endangering them.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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