Secure Freedom Minute: Pinduoduo Equals ”Deep Doo Doo” for America


The Chinese Communist Party has been likened to the Borg, a Star Trek supervillain that seeks to collectivize everything. The Borg’s chilling admonition that “resistance is futile” comes to mind amidst revelations of yet another weaponized CCP phone application seducing, monitoring and exploiting American users.

The app is called Pinduoduo and a CNN investigation concluded that it utilizes “the most dangerous malware ever found in mainstream apps.” That’s because Pinduoduo’s program takes advantage of vulnerabilities in android phones to steal personal data, spy on its users and evade efforts to detect or remove the malicious software. 

Pinduoduo calls to mind George H.W. Bush’s remark about being “in deep doo doo.” That’s where we’ll surely be if we continue to allow the Chinese Communist Party to use this app, TikTok and other toxic information technology to wage “unrestricted warfare” against us. 

This is Frank Gaffney.

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