Secure Freedom Minute: Stop Obama-Biden 3.0’s Take-down of the U.S. Military


Over the course of the three Obama-Biden terms, the most radical leftist administration in our history has tirelessly pursued the “fundamental transformation of the United States” that then-Senator Barack Obama promised in an unguarded moment on the eve of his first presidential election. 

This goal is far advanced in our armed forces, thanks to purges of skilled warriors: deemed to be insufficiently ideologically aligned with the Marxists’ so-called “woke” agenda; unwilling to be compelled to take the COVID “jab”; and/or opposed to the administration’s appeasement of the Chinese Communist Party that is imperiling America.

Now, Air Force General Charles “C.Q.” Brown has been nominated to succeed – and likely surpass – the worst Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff ever. This appointment must precipitate a Senate fight to save and restore our military before we lose the war Obama-Biden 3.0 is inviting.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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