Secure Freedom Minute: The COVID Subcommittee Must Defend the Constitution


Donald Trump recently decried the secretive negotiations the Biden administration and other friends of the Chinese Communist Party are pursuing to supplant our constitutional Republic with a new “global governance” system run by the CCP-controlled World Health Organization. 

Tomorrow, a House subcommittee investigating the Chinese Communists’ COVID biological warfare attack will have an opportunity to examine the insidious role the WHO played in maximizing the damage thus caused – and the insanity of enhancing its power exponentially.

One witness will be Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Loyce Pace. She’s a prime-mover behind these negotiations, despite swearing to “support and defend” the Constitution – as did subcommittee Chairman Brad Wenstrup and his colleagues. 

Ms. Pace is manifestly violating that oath. Our congressional representatives must now honor theirs by exposing and preventing the stealthy coup Team Biden is engineering. 


This is Frank Gaffney.

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